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MC Decor
Making your
Dreams come true

Living in a land full of magic and fantasy, where dreams are created … Who never wished that? The American dream of having a beautiful and spacious house, with a green lawn and a large yard no longer has to be just your imagination. With MC ART DECOR, you can make this dream come true with high standard quality and design that fits your budget.

Since 2016, MC ART DECOR has achieved enough experience and know-how to meet the high demand for design projects in the field. We develop interior designs for residential, vacation homes, and Airbnb.

Aligned with technology, we can offer in-person or online assistance, according to the needs of each client and each project. Our mission is to offer high standard modern design at a fair price, adapting projects according to each client’s style and budget and following the established rules for Florida vacation homes.

We create complete and custom key-on-hand projects that are ready to be enjoyed with no worries. However, if you like DIY, we can offer distance mentoring in which, based on our guidance, you can do it yourself to create the environment you’ve always dreamed of.

Let´s take your dreams off the paper and make them happen? Together, we can create environments that express your and your family´s essence, in a very simple and affordable way according to your needs. All you have to do is just chose the best option for you.

Our motivation is to provide the customer with the joy and emotion of seeing their home makeover into exactly what they have always dreamed of. The smile and happiness of future residents at the delivery time is our main differential. For us, having just a concept and design is not enough. It is also important to follow the customer´s dreams!. MC ART DECOR is just a tool for the customers´ imagination to come true. The home is yours, we just help to create it.